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Current Issue : Q4,2015

Taiwan Photonics News :  
  Growth of Automotive Photonics Industry Boosted by Vehicle Regulations

Taiwan LED Makers Looking to Niche Market Application

A 3D Printer Defining Precision: Ying-Angel From Ying Yu

Growth of Automotive Photonics Industry Boosted by Vehicle Regulations


Photonics technologies spanning across many fields such as LED, precision optics, displays, optical sensors, optical input and output, optical storage, and important areas of photovoltaic, optical fiber communications, laser processing and biomedics are vital to the modern life. With the demands for safety, comfort and efficiency of vehicles rising, high degree of integration of photonics technologies with automotive technology has become an inevitable trend. Moreover, as more countries regard driver safety as their first priority, many regulations have been enacted to enforce the installation of daytime running lights and rear video camera devices. Therefore, tremendous business opportunities can be expected in the future.

LED packaging penetration ratio in general lighting applications will rise to 50%. Mobile devices, with a huge number of users, have long been an important area of application for LED packaging components until 2008, when the major LCD makers fully integrated LCD backlight technology into the notebook and TV displays of all sizes to push the output value of LED packaging for LCD backlight displays to the top and replace the influential status of mobile applications within just five years. However, with the penetration in LCD TV, monitors, laptops and cell phone backlight applications becoming increasingly saturated, the end use application market has shown signs of slowdown.

On the other hand, due to sharp increase in the brightness of the LED packaging to streamline the number of LEDs being used in a unit area, which gave lighting application the biggest share in the global LED packaging market in 2014. The LED applications began to enter the lighting market for the most replaceable LED light bulbs and projection lights. However, these products form the market where the price war is most fierce.


Taiwan LED Makers Looking to Niche Market Application


The PV Future Seminar, held on January 2015 and once a year, addressed the issues of LED, plant factories, PV and the latest industry and market trends. The discussions on the LED field focused on the creation of a new blue ocean LED applications niche market applications to explore the niche LED application markets with great growth potential-high CPI LED intelligent dimming driver, applications of UV LED in the printing and electronics industries, and the automotive LED applications, LED biomedical photonics, special lighting such as plant growth lights, stadium lighting, extremely low-temperature applications and explosion proof LED lighting fixtures which are very important for the petrochemical industry and needed in the special flammable and explosive working environments where electrical equipment are used or dusts are prevalent.

In 2014, the production value of the global LED industry (epitaxies, chips, package, modules) amounted to US$20 billion with an annual growth rate of 8%. The output value of Taiwan・ components continued to be No.1, however, if only LED packages and modules were taken into consideration, it ranked third in the world. Taiwan・s LED epitaxy and chip makers are pivotal in the global market and contribute much to the output value of the components. In terms of performance of the manufacturers by region, China・s dependence on the components supplied by Taiwan, European and U.S. manufacturers has shown a large decrease from the past. The dependence on the U.S. makers had the largest decrease for an annual decline rate of 6%.

  A 3D Printer Defining Precision: Ying-Angel From Ying Yu

In recent years, 3D Printers have been actively deployed in metal parts, plastic design, mechanical design, design sector, fast way to help customers shorten prototyping time. Thus, seeing the importance of 3D printers, Ying-3DP R & D team had discussions with customers to build a perfect 3D printer which can save cost and time.

With many years of experiences in technology architecture, pc board , material and nozzle, YingYu 3D printer is built with stability & precision. YingYu 3D printer is 100% developed and manufactured in Taiwan. The manufacturer YingYu has ISO9001: 2008 certification, which helps enhance the quality and security of all customer parts. YingYu 3D printers are made with CNC equipment. Once you choose YingYu there・s no worry for after-sale service !



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