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Current Issue : Q4,2015

Taiwan Photonics News :  
  Global Automotive Photonics Industry Leaders・ Summit to Be Held in June

Philips Leads the Way in Slashing LED Bulb Prices

EVERLIGHT Electronics extends Automotive LED Portfolio

Global Automotive Photonics Industry Leaders・ Summit to Be Held in June


The world renowned OPTO Taiwan exhibition never stops to innovate itself and has now officially included the "IoT x Automotive Photonics Zone" in an effort to strengthen the link of global automotive supply chain and Taiwan local photonics industry. In view of this, Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) is planning to host the "2016 Global Automotive Photonics Industry Leaders・ Summit" to invite the famous automotive suppliers to Taiwan to participate to explore business opportunities and to enhance cross-industry cooperation. PIDA welcomes experts of related fields to join this great event!

Taiwan has a strong and complete photonics industry structure, which covers LED, LCD, precision optics, image sensing, optical fiber communications, laser and other industries, it surely has the capability to provide the perfect Smart Car solutions. Therefore, the "2016 Global Automotive Photonics Industry Leaders・ Summit" will be held to declare 2016 as a new page for Taiwan IoT x Automotive Photonics industry.PIDA and its partners will invite experts from world's major automotive associations to participate and to witness Taiwan's ambition in developing Automotive Photonics solutions.

The leaders・ summit will have representatives from major car making countries gathered together to present the current status of each major automotive country and also Taiwan's automotive photonics industry. It aims to seek multilateral interaction and cooperation in order to create maximum business opportunities. We welcome your participation and suggestion.


Philips Leads the Way in Slashing LED Bulb Prices


Taiwan・s lighting market research institute, Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), stated that the LED lighting industry is still under the control of the traditional lighting giant.

The top global lighting manufacturer, Philips, is leading the way in slashing LED light bulb prices, and related supply chain manufacturers must actively lower their production costs to deal with the future era in which LED bulb prices will fall below US$1.

On the other hand, LED lighting sources from LED light bulbs to spot lights are beginning to enter into a broader lighting market, which will cause the ratio of LED packaging output to rapidly rise for lighting applications. However, this will tragically slash the prices for products, and it is estimated that they will fall by 50% by the end of 2018.

PIDA pointed out that the clout of Taiwan's light bulb tubes and fittings is weak in the global lighting and LED lighting terminal market, and Taiwan・s LED lighting output for 2015 is only expected to grow 6%, which is approximately 20% lower than the global output growth.

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  EVERLIGHT Electronics extends Automotive LED Portfolio

Golden frame enhances resistance to severe environments; PC Amber improves thermal and color stability performance

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry with three decades of experience in optoelectronics, introduces the most high efficient/sulfur resistant .golden・ Series which performs brilliantly, even in severe environments, satisfying all demands of Automotive applications.

Following the trend of high-tech design on automotive applications, EVERLIGHT sees only the LEDs with stable performance and high quality can stand out to fulfill customers・ expectations. New golden automotive series exactly matches their highest requirements. A golden frame significantly improves a products' quality to resist sulfur. This means it works well, no matter how severe or bad the environment is, including a nearby volcano. The golden series are widely used in head lamps, DRL, fog lamps, side signal lamps and rear tail lamps; over 0.5W products are especially suited for side Signal Lamp (A09K, 67-21 and 67-31). The new versions enhanced with a golden lead frame are named A09KU, 67-21U and 67-31U. Their original counterparts with silver lead frame remain in the portfolio and continue to be offered.

More information or data sheet for these products upon request: Please contact your local EVERLIGHT sales office. Local sales information: www.everlight.com.


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