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Current Issue : Q4,2015

Taiwan Photonics News :  
  Car Displays Becoming Standard Devices, Boasting Large Sizes & High Resolution

Taiwanese 3D Printer Company XYZprinting Establishes Thailand Branch

ITECH Launch New Product-IT8615 AC/DC Electronic Load

Car Displays Becoming Standard Devices, Boasting Large Sizes & High Resolution


With the mature development of mobile devices, consumers have a growing demand for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. Edward Pleet, Director of Ford Motor, has pointed out that, in addition to mobile phones, tablet computers, and televisions, cars have become the fourth screen in everyday life. Apple has also mentioned that car will be the ˇ§Ultimate Mobile Deviceˇ¨. Non-conventional automotive operators such as Googleˇ¦s Android Auto, Appleˇ¦s CarPlay and Letv of China have begun to seize the IVI market as car models equipped with Android Auto and CarPlay have already been launched.

Console displays have gone beyond its past role of an optional device to become an indispensable device in the car, thus boosting the installation rate over the years.Console displays used to be an option only for luxury and the installation rate of the original brands was less than 20 percent in 2010 and is expected to reach 37 percent in 2015 and 45 percent or even 50 percent in 2020.

According to IHS Automobile Display Market Tracker, the shipment of vehicle display panels in 2015 will amount to 228 million pieces, and will grow to 250 million pieces in 2018. Among them, TFT LCD panels will see an annual growth of 34% in the vehicle display market cars in 2015 with the shipment reaching 118 million pieces.By 2018, the shipment will reach 155 million pieces.


Taiwanese 3D Printer Company XYZprinting Establishes Thailand Branch


XYZprinting has established branch companies in Mainland China, Japan, The United States, and Europe and on November 26 established its first Southeast Asian base in Thailand. The company plans to increase the permeation rate of 3D printing technology and services and promote sales of 3D printing products in Thailand.

ˇ§XYZprinting is the worldˇ¦s largest manufacturer of 3D printers, and it is continuing to expand the scope of its investments. With the establishment of the XYZprinting branch in Thailand, our brand will make a wide variety of 3D printing machines available to Thai consumers,ˇ¨ said XYZprinting General Manager and New Kinpo Group Chairman Simon Shen.

We are devoted to providing 3D printing products and technology which is simple, convenient, affordable, and innovative to consumers around the world, including small and medium sized enterprises, professionals, schools, and homes. We design and build 3D printing products on our web platform, and we provide diverse products that can be flexibly used and matched with users in a variety of domains.ˇ¨

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  ITECH Launch New Product-IT8615 AC/DC Electronic Load

ITECH Electronic Co.,ltd (ITECH) recently announced New IT8615 AC/DC Electronic Load will be officially launched in December 2015.ITECH release that,as the first AC/DC electronic load,IT8615 is available for 50th voltage harmonic measuring and analysis. It also includes multi-functions, e.g.oscilloscope function, parallel/3-phase control, adjustable CF/PF value and multiple parameters simultaneously display etc. The 7 inch LCD display screen and user-friendly interface bring us more expectations to future testing.

ˇ§420V/20A/1800W with 3U height, amazing! I tried the demo unit, the analysis function is very good, exceed my expectations.ˇ¨ Mr. Frank said, the engineer who was back from ITECH booth in 2015 China Electronics Fair.

ˇ§The E-Load will be the perfect solution for testing UPS, inverters, AC power supplies and relevant AC electronic components. Engineers will like itˇ¨ Mr. Teit said, a distributor from Europe.

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