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  Aging population stimulates preventive healthcare products

LED component output values of all regions slid except China

Lextar Announced Smart LBS at Light+Building 2016

Aging population stimulates preventive healthcare products


The alert of aging population globally has been a tough subject. At present, there are about 600 million elders aged 65-year-old and above, accounted for 8¢H of the population worldwide. According to United Nations¡¦ calculations, the total population of aged people (older than 65) would double and grow to 1,1 billion in the next 20 years, approximately to 13¢H of the overall population.

Due to the cultural and ethnical homogeneity between Taiwan and Japan, the latter has been an important study object for Taiwan. In 2010, senior citizens in Japan accounted for 23¢H of its overall population. It means there would be one person aged over 65 in a group of 4 to 5 individuals. Taiwan¡¦s Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan reported that Taiwan is not yet ranked as the top 10 rapidly aging countries. However, if the population continues to grow at today¡¦s speed, the aged population would reach 40¢H in 2060, making the country the second worse seriously aging society. Global population aging ranking is listed in figure 1.

Biotechnology industry has been noticed recently; thanks to the rising demand for health care of aging population. In fact, biotech industry has been developed in Taiwan for more than a decade. The reason that people are less acquaint with Taiwan¡¦s medical supply ecosystem is because that the specialty of medical business is a more closed market. Unlike consumer electronics that are bustling in the market, biotech and medical products have proprietary sales channels and most of these equipments require professional skills of medical training.


LED component output values of all regions slid except China


The global LED component (including LED epi-chips, dies, packaging and modules) output value amounted to $ 17.9 billion in 2015, showing a decline as much as 9%, as shown in Fig 1. In terms of the output values of various regions, except for China¡¦s output growth of 6%, all other regions showed minus growth: Europe -3%, Japan -9%, Taiwan -14%, Korea -13% and US -25%, which never happened even during the 2008 global financial crisis. However, if the factor of depreciation against the U.S. dollars were removed, the output values of Europe and Japan which had higher automotive LED presence would show a rising trend.

In recent years, China has been successful in incubating its LED components industry with its LED component output value and market share rising rapidly. Despite the stagnant growth in other regional markets, China still have the capability to expand the production capacity. China¡¦s LED component output value is expected to rise to the top of the world.

  Lextar Announced Smart LBS at Light+Building 2016

The LED vertical integrator Lextar Electronics, launched the smart location-based service (Smart LBS) at Light+Building 2016 exhibition from March 13 to 18. With sensors equipped in LED lighting fixtures in wireless networks, the Smart LBS provides business owners with master data analysis and interactive marketing services. By linking to the smart LBS system and the Internet of Things (IoT) over indoor lighting, Lextar provides customers with more value-added services to its lighting fixtures. Lextar also launched a wide variety of LED lighting products with smart lighting function.

The three main functions of the Smart LBS (Location Based Service) displayed at the exhibition include route guide, message provision, and user behavior analysis. Take the exhibition venue for example, if exhibition owner installs Lextar¡¦s lighting products equipped with Smart LBS, visitors can browse the indoor map and route guide and get the information of activities in different zones from the mobile or tablet with specific pre-downloaded apps. In addition, business owners can conduct big data analysis on visitors¡¦ behavior. The Smart LBS is especially suitable for use in large indoor space, such as exhibition venues, shopping malls, museums, and airports.


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