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Current Issue : Q2,2016

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  The First-Ever IOT x Automotive Photonics Zone Drew Buyer Attention

Microscope Objective and Optics Positioning Piezo Stage with Nanometer Precision at High Speeds

Hortech Providing Laser Optimal Solution & Micromachining Integration

The First-Ever IOT x Automotive Photonics Zone Drew Buyer Attention


On June 17th, the curtains closed successfully on the 2016 Photonics Festival in Taiwan. This year there were 375 companies gathered throughout 823 stalls, attracting over 17000 buyers from 40 different countries, allowing more recognition for Taiwanese photonics and improving the development of the photonics industry.

To facilitate cross-industry cooperation, the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA), the Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance (TLLIA), and the Photonics Industry & Technology Association (PIDA) joined hands to carry out industrial cooperation and exchange information in automotive LED lighting, automotive electronics, display and other components, and also to hold international forums and seminars to promote international communication. Among them, Wen-Rong Tsai, chairman of TTVMA mentioned that TTVMA strengthens its cooperation in the 2016 Opto Taiwan exhibition by establishing "IOT x Automotive Photonics Zone" and invites interested TTVMA members to join the event.

The cross-industry cooperation among vehicle-related industries, said Tsai, should be able to push member companies of the three parties to combine their resources, promote joint research and development, enhance innovation, and upgrade automotive electronics, automotive LED lighting, automotive optics, display and other technologies to another level. In the long run, this alliance can create a mutual benefit partnership, leading the development of LED and photonics technology in the automotive field.

The 19th Outstanding Photonics Products Award are presented this year to honor 9 winners. The awards truly reflect the progress made by Taiwan manufacturers during the past year. Winning products include Utra Micro spectro-module UM3090 from Oto Photonics, Low Dose X-ray Module for Pediatric Imaging from NonoRay Biotech, Opto-Electronics Module Hybrid Assembly System from Evest Corporation, Laser Rangefinder from Asia Optical, Lextar Any-VAC DOB High-Bay Light from Lextar Electronics, and so on, these winning products were displayed at the theme pavilion of Opto Taiwan 2016.

Microscope Objective and Optics Positioning Piezo Stage with Nanometer Precision at High Speeds


Aerotech's QFOCUS QF1 piezo nanopositioning stage offers microscope objective and optics positioning with nanometer-level precision at high speeds. With ultra-precision capacitive sensor feedback and high structural stiffness, the QF1 is perfect for demanding scanning applications, microscopy, or any optical application requiring high precision and throughput.

The QFOCUS QF1 is guided by precision flexures that are optimized using finite element analysis to ensure high stiffness and long device life. The resulting design offers outstanding stiffness and resonant frequency, enabling high process throughput and fast closed-loop response. Furthermore, the QF1 has been designed to provide excellent geometric performance (straightness and angular errors) for critical microscopy and optics positioning applications.

The QFOCUS QF1 is available with threaded adapters to fit most microscopes and objectives. The microscope turret mounting allows for easy and fast positioning of the QF1 at the desired orientation. The QF1 is available with a clear aperture of up to 29 mm.

Custom stage designs, travels, and threaded adapters are available.
  Hortech Providing Laser Optimal Solution & Micromachining Integration

Since September 1995, Hortech has been focusing on laser processing and the integration of opto-mechatronic system on industry innovation development. By using green technology for friendly environment & mass production, it is our goal to research and develop the related laser dry etching optimization processing solution with precise automatic intelligence for laser applications.

We have already obtained the invention patents to be used on our solution that integrates with our core technology, and also have such patents at Taiwan, Mainland China, US, Japan and South Korea. It is our goal to create a business opportunity with partners who would like to use laser green technology for production in the future.

In 2009, Hortech successfully developed the touch panel glass/film narrow border circuit scribing equipment for main international manufacture of the touch panel industry. In 2011, we developed the Dual stages of touch panel film narrow border circuit scribing equipment for mass production to the main international manufacture of the touch panel industry. In the year 2015, we successfully developed the Touch panel 0.42mm DITO glass laser patterning equipment for sales to the main international manufacture of the navigational industry.


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