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  Taiwan companies Shifting Their Business Model
Smart Car Photonics Reveals Business Opportunities
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Taiwan companies Shifting Their Business Model


The production value (total revenue) of Taiwan photonics industry dropped again to $1,718.1 billion NTD with minus growth rate -9% in year 2016. This scale was equivalent to $53.1 billion USD with a worldwide market share of 8%. This figure dropped 2 percent again compared with that of previous year 2015. Taiwan's photonics output reached its peak of $2.36 trillion NTD in year 2011. Then it began to decline due to the 2012 European debt crisis. This generally reflected a trend of a shift between Taiwan and China.

A report of Barclays Securities, titled "Hello China; Goodbye Taiwan" in 2014, discloses the trend that the technology industry has been worrying for a long time. This trend as early as ten years ago has already started brewing, but in recent years more pace. This report officially announced the beginning of an era; that China has replaced Taiwan as the center of mass production, low-cost-oriented OEM production, and Chinese companies also took the place of Taiwanese companies in the worldwide market.

However, Taiwan's photonics industry have been since actively looking for new way out in terms of technology breakthrough, application innovation, changing business model, emerging market development. In terms of current trends, application innovation is a more opportunistic direction, especially in cross-domain applications such as internet of things, smart electric car, healthcare, green energy services, smart agriculture, national defense & surveillance, and some niche markets. In the above application, image sensors, optical lens modules, laser, and LED are the indispensable ingredients.


Smart Car Photonics Reveals Business Opportunities


Generally speaking, automobiles are developing towards electrically driven, electronically controlled, smarter and lightweight, electronics industry will have a closer collaborative relationship with the auto industry. It is a commonly shared understanding that the manufacturers in the auto electronics and LED fields should establish a cross-industrial relationship with the auto industry via market information exchange and marketing so as to grasp market opportunities.

To embrace these market opportunities, the first annual Smart Car Photonics Exhibition will be held by the TTVMA (Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association), with the collaboration of PIDA, TLLIA (Taiwan LED Street Light Industry Alliance) and TOOMA (Taiwan Optics/Optronics Manufacturersˇ¦ Association) In the Exhibition, smart LED headlights, car-used cameras, LiDAR, advanced driving auxiliary system (ADAS), man-machine interface display and information/entertainment system, Internet of vehicles, electric cars, etc. will be exhibited. Also, the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and ARTC (Automotive Research & Testing Center) have pledged their support to the exhibition so as to jointly assist the development of smart cars.

In the 2017 Smart Car Photonics Exhibition, newest photonics products and applications developed by Luxgen, Infiniti, Nissan, etc. will be put on display. Other organizations and firms that will participate in the exhibition include the ARTC, Next Generation Drivers Information Platform Research and Development Alliance, iVSIAC (Intelligent Vision System Industry Academia Consortium), Royal Tek, PSVT, Alpha Networks Inc., Jorjin Technologies Inc., Kingdom Communication Associated Ltd., Ultimems, HPB Optoelectronics Co., Calin Technology, Taiwan Color Optics, Inc., Genesis Photonics Inc. and Unice E-O Services Inc.


The artistry of optics - Design smarter. Design faster.


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