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  Global Photonics Output Value Growing in 2016
2016 Taiwan display panel industry output continued to decline
Vektrex¡¦s Performance Current Source Series¡Xan Innovative Tool for Improving LED Light Measurements

Global Photonics Output Value Growing in 2016


It is estimated that the global photonics output value of 2016 reached $651 billion USD, growing about 7%; 2015 ~ 2019 compound annual growth rate of about 6%.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's photonics output value fell to 1 trillion 718.1 billion NTD in 2016 and shrank by 9%. In recent years, Taiwan's photonics industry has been experiencing a concerted transition period and its output value may be stagnant in the size of about 1 trillion and 880 billion before catching the next wave of growth momentum. The next wave of growth momentum will come from the car network, Internet of Things, health care, green energy, defense, preservation and other fields of application. In particular, many enterprises are moving forward towards application areas such as Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), health care and so on, and gradually start to grow in revenue.

Table 1 2015 ~ 2019 Taiwan photonics output value trend

Unit: $100Million NTD
  2015 2016 2017(F) 2018(F) 2019(F) CAGR
LED & Lighting, cars 1,616 1,628 1,669 1,736 1,811 3%
Photovoltaic 1,756 1,667 1,551 1,598 1,666 -1%
Flat Display Panel 12,544 10,718 10,730 10,714 10,720 -4%
Image Sensor 224 205 225 255 288 6%
Optical Storage 923 879 836 811 771 -4%
Optical Fiber Comm 295 298 295 304 313 1%
Laser Light Sources 254 296 350 405 425 14%
Optical Lens & Module 1,065 957 1,003 1,041 1,071 0%
Bio-photonics 499 534 575 609 620 6%
Taiwan photonics Revenue 19,177 17,181 17,235 17,473 17,683 -2%
Source: PIDA, 2017/1

2016 Taiwan display panel industry output continued to decline


The so-called red supply chain - China LCD panel factory, touch panel and component module factory have grown strong enough to pose a great threat to panel factories in other regions, the great pressure especially to Taiwan LCD panel factory. 2016 global display panel industry output is estimated at 2,303.2 billion US dollars, the annual growth rate of 4%. In the same year, the total output value of Taiwan's display panel industry chain was estimated 1 trillion and 71.8 billion NTD, of which the output value of LCD panel was 695.8 billion NT D. LCD monitors, touch panel-related industries are showing a recession phenomenon, but there are signs of rebounding for E-paper. 2016 Taiwan flat panel display the overall output declined by 15%.

Although the overall output value of Taiwan's display showed a downward trend, but in the car display applications, it is gaining, although this is still unable to make up for the decline in output. In Taiwan, a number of major display panel manufacturers have mass production car grade display panel related products, such as: AUO, Innolux, CPT and other manufacturers. The car display panel mainly includes Dashboard, CID (Central Information Display) and Rear Seat Infotainment Display etc.

Car display panel requires higher specifications which must comply with ISO16949, ISO26262 and other international standards, but the profit is also relatively high. More and more cars have recently equipped with liquid crystal display panels to replace the traditional analog pointer dashboard. It is estimated that the global car display panel industry output value is showing an upward trend year by year. Taiwan's car display panel output grew from 26.8 billion NTD in 2014 to 32.9 billion NTD in 2016.


Vektrex¡¦s Performance Current Source Series¡Xan Innovative Tool for Improving LED Light Measurements


Throughout the industry, it is widely accepted that an estimated 4% error currently exists with most LED light measurements. This 4% error is responsible for a massive loss in revenue across the industry as manufacturers and laboratories undervalue their own LEDs or send out product that does not perform as expected. Much of this 4% error traces back directly to the current source and methods being used during testing. To reduce the error and improve LED light measurements, Vektrex introduces the Performance Current Source Series. These high performance current sources are the only current sources that employ precise, accurate pulsing with microsecond rise times and low-jitter triggering. The resulting ideal current waveforms reduce uncertainty and enable accurate LED measurements with excellent measurement repeatability.

According to Jeff Hulett, Vektrex CTO, ¡§LED power density has increased dramatically over the last 10 years, much like the number of integrated transistors increased exponentially according to Moore's law. However, the industry has reached a roadblock that threatens to check this progress - junction heating effects are making it impossible to accurately measure LED performance. Once simple measurements such as total luminous flux, quantum efficiency, and L-I-V are now significantly compromised by this effect. The innovative SpikeSafe Performance Current Source Series battles this problem by delivering pulsing and DC performance that goes well beyond present source-measure instruments.¡¨


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