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  New applications of semi-conductor laser
Mass production key in equipment, materials and mass production experience KNOW-HOW
Taiwan Color Optics (TCO), nominated by CTSP, won the Grand Prize of ASPA Awards 2015

New applications of semi-conductor laser


In contrast with non-semiconductor laser, the development of semiconductor laser has always emphasized small size and been used in precision equipment and information products, such as telecommunication equipment and optical storage devices. With the advancement of material production process and packaging technology, the current high-power laser diode is developing towards high-frequency and is expected to open up many a new area of application.

The booming demand of laser diodes used in the optical storage field is no longer seen. The micro-projector for mobile device, originally expected to be a blockbuster, has also faded into oblivion. Laser diodes are expected to open up new application markets, such as HDD (for thermal assist memory), integrated optical circuitry, sensing (vehicle laser sensors), factory equipment (laser processing machines), projectors / automotive light sources.


Mass production key in equipment, materials and mass production experience KNOW-HOW


For various panel companies planned to invest in small and medium size OLED mass production, the production technology is still an important issue and it is difficult to overcome. And the key part includes the supply rate of the evaporation equipment and the source of the evaporation material, otherwise all scheduled production plans can not proceed as expected. For example, Canon-Tokki is the only supplier evaporation machine and if Samsung has placed an order in this key equipment first, other enterprises in the same industry can not get the machine even with cash. After the machines and materials are in place, the next is the rich Know-How that OLED panel factory accumulated, such as METAL MASK for evaporation, including the machine's mesh cover lightweight and alignment accuracy as well as working hours. Secondly, the combination of materials can enhance the function and life of the panel, which is the key Know-How to complete the OLED panel. That is the difference that experience can make in the mass production process.

Samsung display has accumulated 10 years of production experience, leading the industry several generations ahead in key materials patent, formula specifications and process equipment. With core patents, Samsung display has kept close cooperation with suppliers.

In Chinese, take BOE and Everdisplay Optronic as example, the two companies has started the research and production of the 5.5 generation and 4.5 generation line for a period of time, but due to lack of mass production experience in the initial production of LTPS panel and OLED evaporation process, it will take 2 years to stabilize the mass production. A Japanese equipment manufacturer estimated that the two companies will take one year to be able to achieve mass production.


Taiwan Color Optics (TCO), nominated by CTSP, won the Grand Prize of ASPA Awards 2015


The purpose of ASPA Awards is to encourage start-up or growing companies with excellent business strategy, innovated technology development, high management performance, and great prospects.

The core technologies of TCO include optical coating, design of phosphor-related materials, precise optical design and exclusive glass phosphor. Products applied to the technology are mainly used for laser light source projectors and intelligence headlight system. TCO has expanded its markets in Taiwan, China, Europe, the States and Japan.

TCO¡¦s major products:
¡» Reflective hybrid phosphor wheels
¡» Transmissive hybrid phosphor wheels
¡» Static phosphor
¡» Optical diffusers
¡» Customized filters, including UV-IR cut filters, hot mirror filters, metal mirrors, dichroic filters

¡» Laser light projectors
¡» Intelligence car headlights
¡» Drones
¡» Medical instruments
¡» Special purposes for rescue vehicles (sea lighting, helicopters etc.)

Taiwan Color Optics, Inc. www.tcotek.com ; sales@tcotek.com


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