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Current Issue : Q2,2017

Taiwan Photonics News :  
  UV LED market Growing Steadily
Precision optics can demonstrate the industrial strength of Taiwan
COMPUTEX 2017 Welcomes Global Media; d&i Award Winners Announced

UV LED market Growing Steadily


According to LEDinside, the UV LED market volume in 2017 will grow to 288 million US dollars and 526 million US dollars in 2020 with a compound growth rate of 34% during the 2015-2020 period. As for UV LED packaging revenue, Japanese and Korean manufacturers secure the top five berths in the sequence of Nichia, Nitride Semiconductors, Seoul Viosys, LG Innotek and USHIO / Epitex. For the manufacturers・ performance in 2017 , South Korean makers will launch a series of UV-C LED products, which is expected to contribute substantially to the revenue and the turnover ranking is expected to re-shuffle.

According to Ms. Wu, Ying-chie, for UV LED applications, the mainstream is the UV-A LED used in the light curing and the markets of lithography which requires high irradiance and the exposure machine with highly uniform lighting are most sought. In addition, some special curing needs have gradually emerged. Thanks to the enhanced UV-C LED technology, LED inside estimates that manufacturers will introduce UV-C LED based products in 2017. Among them, the flowing-water sterilization market still need to wait for the opportunity to mature while the markets of consumer products, air cleaners, air conditioning products and static water sterilization will have more opportunities to take off first. At the same time, cooperation and strategic alliances will continue to develop in the next few years.

For example, RayVio, located in the Silicon Valley, mainly develops deep UV LED technology. Director Yuhsiang Chou said the use of deep UV LED products can make bacteria inhibition and sterilization of food, water or other objects safe and easy. This may solve the long-standing problem of public health and sanitation in poor and remote areas, as well as provide a more flexible solution for people in developed areas with higher demand for disinfection. RayVio UV-C LEDs can achieve an irradiance up to 0.6 mW / cm2 @ 5 cm at 280 nm UV-C LED and up to 99.9999% sterilization under 60 seconds of irradiation (Change the world in 60 seconds) according to the measurement data of a third-party testing body.


Precision optics can demonstrate the industrial strength of Taiwan


The precision optics industry of Taiwan has been an exemplary trade fully representing a trade that is characterized with long history, a cluster effect and a technical development that always advances and excels. Globally speaking, many optical components of cell phones, digital cameras, auto electronics, consumer electronics and information/communication products have been manufactured and supplied by the precision optics industry of Taiwan. Moreover, the precision optics industry of Taiwan is quite competitive in the fields of robot・s vision system, surveillance, automatic optical testing. Taiwan Precision Optics Exhibition is the only international precision optics tradeshow in Taiwan and acts to demonstrate and exhibit the strength of the industry and assist the industry to develop and grasp the business opportunities.

The precision optics industry of Taiwan fully reflects the long history of Taiwan in the development of precision optics and its solid industrial strength. The 2017 Taiwan Precision Optics Exhibition is jointly held by Taiwan Optics/Optronics Manufacturers・ Association and the PIDA. Exhibitors to the exhibition include many renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers and companies, including Ametek of the US, Edmund Optics of Singapore, Buhler Asia Private Limited of Singapore, Osaka Gas Chemicals of Japan, Gunma Prefecture of Japan, Kawakawa Co. of Japan, OTO Photonics Inc. of Taiwan, Photon Tech Instruments Co. of Taiwan, Trioptics Taiwan, Shern Yeong Precise Optical Co. of Taiwan, BASO Precision Optics Co. and AHEAD Optoelectronics, Inc. of Taiwan.


COMPUTEX 2017 Welcomes Global Media; d&i Award Winners Announced


COMPUTEX 2017, co-organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), officially opens in Taipei on May 30 and will run through June 3 (the InnoVEX exhibit, exclusively for global startups, closes on June 1).

In a pre-show press conference with 300 local and international reporters present, organizers announced 1,600 exhibitors will host a total of 5,010 booths this year. And as of May 26, pre-registered international buyers and visitors increased 10.5 percent year over year.

The positioning of COMPUTEX 2017, :Building Global Technology Ecosystems,; aligns with the dynamics in the global high-tech industry. The event will focus on five themes: AI & Robotics, IoT Applications, Innovations & Startups, Business Solutions, and Gaming & VR. Four featured exhibition areas echo these themes: SmarTEX (IoT solutions in security, automotive electronics, smart home and entertainment, smart tech, and wearables), InnoVEX (one of the largest global startup platforms in Asia), Gaming & VR (featuring high-performance gaming and VR products) and iStyle (showcasing Apple MFi-certified peripherals with great design and aesthetic value).

Demonstrating the diversity of COMPUTEX, this year・s five-day show will feature gaming competitions and activities including the OC World Cup, COMPUTEX Modding Challenge V CyberMods, and ZOTAC CUP MASTERS, helping to shape the future of the global ICT industry.


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