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  Smart Car Photonics Expo Marks the Highlight of Photonics Festival in Taiwan
UV LED smart manufacturing Looking Promising
EVERLIGHT Electronics introduces Infrared LED for Iris Recognition ¡V the NIR-C19M Series

Smart Car Photonics Expo Marks the Highlight of Photonics Festival in Taiwan


Smart Car Photonics and its related forum became one of the biggest highlights of the 2017 Photonics Festival in Taiwan held in June. The grand event was participated by ARTC, the most important R&D organization for automobiles in Taiwan, along with ITRI and the leading associations and manufacturers of the upstream, midstream and downstream manufacturers of the auto industry-TTVMA, Taiwan Optical/Optics Manufacturing Association, Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Association, Taiwan Telematics Industry Association (TTIA), Intelligent Vision System Industry Academia Consortium and SAE Taipei Section, which demonstrated Taiwan¡¦s R&D capabilities in vehicles and related technologies.

The 2017 Smart Car Photonics and the forums kicked off lively, showing the tight connection of vehicle and photonics technologies. The Taiwanese auto brand Luxgen, with its spirit of ¡§conceive in advance and surpass expectations¡¨ , launched smart car technologies which include Think+ Touch Pro System, Active Eagle View+360 panoramic images, Side View + Side Safety Image Assistance, 3D X-View+ Smart 3D Assistance System.

Yulon Nissan exhibited the eye-catching GT-R equipped with LED ultra-wide beam headlights. The new headlights have four LED lights in emulation of the high brightness of natural sunlight. The ultra-wide beam headlamps expand the lighting area of the side in front of the car for increasing the visibility during the turn. The three reflective mirrors illuminate a large area at the side of the vehicle, which can avoid discomfort caused to the glare of the oncoming car. The headlights will automatically adjust the scope of lighting based on the car speed to meet the high-speed driving needs, as shown in Figure 2.


UV LED smart manufacturing Looking Promising


According to Chu, Mu-Tao, Director of the Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories, ITRI, Taiwan manufacturers are in a very good position to develop ultraviolet (UV) products. In addition to UV-A products in the light-cured market and UV-B band combined with the medication to meet market needs and achieve innovation, the future of UV-C product technology looks promising as bacteria- inhibiting and bactericidal applications will bring unlimited business opportunities for the market.

According to Doctor Wang, You-jen of the MacKay Memorial Hospital, physical immune functions are often too strong or too weak. Overly strong immunity will cause allergies and autoimmune diseases related skin diseases. Illuminating the skin with proper amount of energy can regulate the immune system while the dosage of ultraviolet treatment is conditioned upon the type of disease and personal skin tolerance to UV. Studies and practical use experiences show that narrow band UV-B phototherapy at will reach the peak at 311nm ~ 313nm and can generally treat dry psoriasis, uremia pruritus, white spot and skin T cell lymphoma.

In addition, for oral drug therapy plus psoralen and ultraviolet A (PUVA), the light at the wavelength of 300nm ~ 400nm can treat dry psoriasis, white spots, special skin lymphoma, atopic dermatitis and so on.


EVERLIGHT Electronics introduces Infrared LED for Iris Recognition ¡V the NIR-C19M Series


EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, launches the NIR-C19M series with a wavelength of 810nm which exert the clearest contrast effect to read the pattern of the iris. The recognition process is precise, quick and features excellent heat dissipation. This makes it perfectly suitable for iris recognition applications in security surveillance systems (access control) and portable handsets.

Following the market demand and the resulting development of appropriate high technology, the concept of ¡§body is access code¡¨ has been integrated into many systems and devices. Smart biometric identification allows measuring the users¡¦ unique patterns in the fingerprint, voice, iris and face quickly and easily to avoid the problem of recalling traditional long passwords. Infrared LEDs for non-contact optical identification have the advantages of compact size, strong security and quick recognition speed which make them to an increasingly sought-after advanced technology around the world.

EVERLIGHT¡¦s NIR-C19M series for non-contact optical iris recognition adopts a molding manufacturing process. Compared to the traditional glue dispense manufacturing process, molding results in a smoother surface which not only enhances the look but also increases reliability. The NIR-C19M series works with a wavelength of 810nm and uses an advanced ISP image processor together with CMOS sensor to receive the infrared reflection by the human eye to authenticate iris identification. Its unique optical design achieves a clear high reflection rate, a small angle (FOV=25) and a radiant intensity of up to 2,700mW/Sr below / less than 1000mA. The heat dissipation with a thermal resistance of 4.38¢J/W is superior to any other competing product in the market. The device has also passed IEC62471, a safety regulation to prove that no harm arises to human eyes and skin. In addition to these excellent optical features, the dimension of NIR-C19M series is merely 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.3 mm which is particularly desirable for space-constrained portable devices.


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